Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Makeup Made Forever

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I can't believe I haven't posted about this line yet. It's Makeup Forever, which makes some of the most wonderful foundations and powder I have used. I have to admit that they're in my top five.

First is the HD Invisible Cover Foundation. This stuff goes on smoothly with very little blending required. It is enriched with moisturizing agents and comes in an oil-free formula. One of the best features is that it is available in a wide range of colours--one is sure to fit almost every skin tone (I use #178) and is available at Sephora and Sears. Now I rotate about five foundations, depending on the look I am going for. With the HD foundation I usually use it when I want a fresh, natural, clean look--a second skin, so to speak. Its ability to even out skin tone without that heavy, cakey look is what this foundation does perfectly.

Makeup Forever also makes the Face and Body Liquid Makeup, which, in my opinion, is not as great as their HD foundation. It does, however, provide better coverage than its aforementioned counterpart. If you have some serious spots or discolouration you want to cover, then this is the foundation for you. Its long-lasting, water-resistant formula means it can also be used as body makeup. How cool is that? It also comes in a vast array of colours and for once I am not at the darkest end of the colour scale (I use #44 and there are a few darker colours after that). I am sure that even the fairest of us all can find a colour to suit her. That is what is absolutely endearing about Makeup Forever: they have many different formulas for different needs and have the colour range to back it up.

Last, but surely not least, is the HD Powder. This stuff is AMAZING!!! Let me tell you why: it makes your face look flawless without drying it out. Now isn't that great for those of us who are in the throws of winter? Let me tell you, after I tried this powder I ran around Sephora looking for the mirror with the ugliest lights possible to prove to myself that this stuff really didn't make my skin look as good as it did. That's right ladies, your skin looks fabulous in ugly lights! Never again will you expel that groan when you look at your face in fluorescent lights. Not even Dior can say that! Don't be concerned by the white colour in the jar, once the powder is applied it is transparent. Its ultra fine texture leaves no visible powder traces and therefore does not accentuate wrinkles or lines. You will look like a million bucks without spending that.


Amina said...

great post!!
I am eyeing their e/s especially the infamous #92