Wednesday, August 20, 2008


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Ladies, I have done it! I have finally found lipstick colours that work. Reds, plums, nudes (I have been looking for these for-ever!), even fuschia!!!!! Where did I find these delectable delights? Why NARS, of course. I am loving NARS lipsticks. Let me describe the dizziness that was caused by so much choice. I tried most of the colours available at the Bay and more than half of them worked for my skin tone. Now ladies, how often does that happen? I haven't even had that luck with MAC! I tried on a colour (Dolce Vita) that the salesgirl said that she only wears--she is blond and blue-eyed--and it worked for me. Talk about versatile.

I also revelled in the moisture-locking formula. I must have tried about 15 lipsticks and my lips were not left raw and scaly because of the addition of Vitamin E to the formulation. This lasted a few hours later when, after I had awoken from a nap, I felt my lips and they were still moistened. Gotta love that.

Here are the colours that I can't get enough of:

Afghan Red (fab red)

Russian Doll (I almost bought this one)

Mindgame (a great nude)

Shanghai Express (another beautiful red)


Porte Vecchio (deep, sultry plum)

Funny Face (think Rihanna-like fuschia)

Tutti Frutti (pearly nude)

Hindu (sheer plum)

Spanish Red

Corinthe (sheer almond)

Damage (muted grape)


Dolce Vita

I am sorry that these reproductions do not reflect the brilliance of colour and the smoothness of texture that infused my lips. I had almost given up on finding a good lipstick; I had reserved myself to a life of glosses. NARS changed that.


The Dolce Vita is pretty. I tend to like the lighter colors on my lips. xx

Amina said...

I loove NARS!!!
Their blushes are fab!!

Amina said...
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Erica said...

Yeah they are. In my opinion NARS blushes are unparallelled. Have you tried their shadows? They are rich in colour.

B said...

I love love loooove NARS. Almost more than MAC. But NARS is very expensive for me so I only own a few of their products. That Afghan Red is gorgeous!!! And their blushes....don't even get me started. LOL! I'm glad NARS has turned you more into a lipstick person. Lipsticks are greeeat!

tnt5150 said...

I love's pricey but well worth it. I have the cactus flower, crazed and taj mahal blushes, as well as mediteranne and demon lover eye shadow duos...LOVE 'EM!!!